You gotta keep the site updated

I’ve added new weird stuff to the site, and gave it a fresh coat of pixels. Apparently I create way more than I share!

Check it!

Not too much new Ghosties stuff, but I’ve always loved this one and came across it recently so here it is. This one is entirely digital I believe.

Beast of Many Burdens

This guy was made with marker and brush pen on 80 lb 11"x14" paper. 
The frame is ancient Ikea and the mat had aged to where it matched the paper too closely...nothing a thick sharpie and ruler couldn't fix!

Also I had to remove the glass to get a good photo.

Wanderer 1 storyboard

While I storyboarded the majority of illustrations in Wanderer 1, very few are in color. This is an early one where I was still exploring the mood of the piece. While the planet didn't make it to the final cut, the bones from the sketch are definitely visible. 



Coming soon to a rock club near you (not really!) Ghosties brand earplugs: for when you need to block out the deafening sound of nothing.

Pictured: Ride Off Into the Sunset special edition.

#ghosties #itsgotlegs #everythingisart


As a thank you to folks who bought shirts during the Teespring debacle, these guys are acrylic & graffiti markers on repurposed cardboard (mostly record mailers and toy boxes.) They're all around 4" squarish and completely hand painted.

If you purchased a t-shirt and haven't yet sent me your snail mail address, do so to get your very own. Thank you to everyone for your support of the Ghosties, it means the (after)world to them!