Welcome to Rabbitbox

We've found many ways to fulfill our needs in today's world. But what about when those needs are intangible, idiosyncratic, and too unrealistic to actualize?

The need for companionship is primal; a survival skill we have evolved over time because it has proved successful in advancing our species. Our requirement for it is biological: like food, air, water; humans need to feel like we're not alone in order to thrive.

More frequently we find ourselves without the time to nourish the relationships that provide this much-needed experience. We're working all the time, at all hours and around the world. Though we're far more connected to each other through technology, studies show that we feel more alone than ever.

What if we could simply alleviate that feeling whenever we needed to?

A dedicated device for a modern need 

A Rabbitbox's sole purpose is to provide the right combination of physical presence and implied sentience to allow the experience of companionship in its purest, literal form. Unlike other sources of companionship (pets, loved ones) this device requires no reciprocal companionship. It's just there when you need it, yet needs almost nothing from you.

  • Can be anthropomorphized to user’s level of comfort
  • Some models feature working lights, spare rooms or other amenities
  • All Rabbitboxes are made by hand using sourced and found materials
  • Requires no maintenance. Requires no reciprocal companionship
  • Current models range from 1.5"- 8.5" from antenna to toe 

Existing Rabbitbox models are hand-made, one of a kind devices. Please contact us for more information.

Photograph by   Michael Clements  .

Photograph by Michael Clements.

Photograph by  Michael Clements .

Photograph by Michael Clements.

Photograph by   Michael Clements  .

Photograph by Michael Clements.